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V20016 Harri at Carluccios Richmond


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Style Examples

Goals for the video

General Info

3 min video similar to Yo Shushi, see above

Technical details​

Gimbal ​required

Audio only recorder ideal but not essential

Key concepts to explain




  1. Speedy shots of the restaurant - ie fast walk throughs showing restaurant with logos overlaid.

  2. People Director Ed on camera on site - introducing himself and speaking about the brand , their employer branding, where they are headed , and why they are implementing Harri. Then lead onto it's so easy to use - we are going to show you now.

  3. Quicktime of the screen while you record the audio of ED - just like yo sushi, we will later match the audio to the quicktime clips.

  4. Shot of the GM in the restaurant introducing himself and saying how Harri is so easy to use on mobile -  shot of him getting his phone out to use Harri.

  5. Shot of mobile via screen recording - film the audio separately.

  6. Back to quick time recording on desktop with audio recorded by you guys.

  7. GM and ED in the restaurant speaking about how they are looking forward to rolling out Harri.

  8. Logos on final clip.

Script Details

First Clip = Shots of the restaurant with music


Second Clip - Ed speaking outside - can you try keep the music on but lower it over his voice.


Third Clip = all the desktop screen recording and audio in the order below



Ed Voiceover post a job desktop:

Video = Post a job desktop mov

This is your Harri dashboard where you will see  an overview of your hiring activity.

Click into hiring, where you can see all the vacancies in your restaurant.


It’s really easy to post a job.


Select the job you want to post and then choose the matching template.

Select how many people you need to hire and click publish!


Your ad is then posted onto your careers page as well as Indeed.com, Adzuna, and Ziprecruiter automatically. You can then choose to select any other job boards that you have permission to access.


You can share the job link with your employees and anyone who refers a friend will be tracked, opening up our jobs to a bigger audience than ever before.


You can also share via social networks! Done :)

Ed Voice Over  Screening

Video to match = Applicant Screening Desktop


I can easily view where candidates are in the process

See new applicants

View the applicant’s profile

Chat…. Take notes…. Talent Pool

Skip or screen applicants.


Ed Voiceover Trust ID video (missing - zac has it?)

Video  - Right to work check mov


Trust ID is integrated into Harri so we can get RTW documents verified to ensure compliance and mitigate risk.


Ed Voiceover Offers and onboarding  (for this Ed changed the wording but its still the right one dont worry)

Video = offer and OB mov


We are going completely paperless.

Send offers and contracts.


View signed offers and contracts online.


Send all pre-hire onboarding documents digitally for the new hire to complete online


Once complete, export your new starter details to the payroll provider...


Ed Voiceover Reporting

Video = Reporting Mov


Harri gives us the visibility to see the key hiring data we need, including, where candidates are in the recruitment process, where candidates have come from and how quickly it takes us to screen candidates, hire candidates and fill jobs.

CLIP  - GIRL GM SPEAKING on video in restaurant about phone



GM Voiceover Mobile (covering 4 mobile vids)

Video = Post a Job mobile

The best thing about Harri is that it is built for mobile

On your mobile you can..

Post a job…

Screen applicants

Schedule interviews

Carry out and record interviews…

All with the Harri Hire app on a mobile device!

GM Voiceover screen applicant mobile:

Video = screen applicants mobile

I can easily view where candidates are in the process

See new applicants

View the applicant’s profile

Chat…. Take notes…. Talent Pool

Skip or screen applicants.

Invite to Interview

GM Voiceover invite to interview desktop

Video = Check into interview mobile


Before I recruit I can set up interview times and let candidates pick the time that suits them

No more hassle trying to organise an interview


GM Voiceover execute interview

Invite to interview Mobile


During the interview I can record notes, answer set questions and record any no shows.


GM Voiceover RTW Check

Video  = No video lets leave out

I can record that we have physically checked the original right to work documents.


End -ED wrap up at bar





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